Government Client

Project team helps implement major government initiative

Government Client

The issue

A line area in a major Commonwealth Department was responsible for preparing legislation and implementing a major new initiative affecting all Australians. They were short staffed and didn’t have all the legislative drafting, privacy and other legal skills needed for the project. They wanted a project team with drafting and program implementation experience who could work with them long term.

mvp* solution

We worked with the client to develop a proposal that met their needs. Within two weeks we placed our lead government lawyer, someone with years of partner-level experience, into the line area. A junior lawyer quickly joined the project team to help with drafting instructions and privacy issues.

The outcome

The project team was instrumental in getting the legislation ready in time. They led discussions with, and delivered presentations to, key stakeholders helping address or allay concerns around privacy, copyright, liability and penalties. Working collaboratively with the line area, the team’s activities were a key factor in the legislation receiving bipartisan support in Parliament. Following passage of the primary legislation, the team helped implement the program including advising on subordinate legislation, preparing contracts, undertaking privacy impact and legal risk assessments and ensuring privacy compliance.