What benefits does mvp* offer for staff?

MVP* allows staff to have a more balanced life while still providing excellent client service. Staff choose the assignments they want, when they want and with the clients they want. Staff are offered exposure to new skills, new networks and new experiences. They are free to take time away from work when they want, whether it’s for study, family commitments, travel or ticking things off their bucket list.

Who’s on the mvp* team?

MVP’s current team members range from paralegals to experienced lawyers and in-house counsel. Some have a background in private practice, others in government. Our team members are approachable, passionate and experts in their areas of law. While MVP* has only been operating for a few years, it’s supported by the systems and knowledge of Canberra’s largest independent law firm.

What about clients?

MVP* also offers compelling benefits to clients. Clients only pay for legal staff when they are needed, and they can pick the skills and experience needed for a particular job. Unlike many traditional law firms, MVP’s fees don’t come loaded with expensive overheads. The result for clients is flexibility and value. They get the staff they need, with the skills they need, when they need them and at a price that is exceptional value-for-money.

Interested in working with mvp*?

Send us your CV and we’ll be in touch to discuss options. CVs should be e-mailed in Word or pdf format to Jason.McMaster@MVPresence.com.au